We Are Who We Are: You're Gonna Be Wild Someday

We Are Who We Are: You're Gonna Be Wild Someday

I initially give this series three stars. However, to some extent, some part of this young man's life is what I long for.

Still that Luca Guadagnino, in that Italy. There are too many nearly identical items calling your memory back to that summer in CMBYN. The lens is beautiful, the music is just in the way that needs. It's just another story that happened simultaneously there but too different.

Jordan Kristine Seamón and Jack Dylan Grazer in Right Here Right Now VIII and Last (2020)

From the very beginning, I was hoping for a  love story of two men, Fraser and the major. It was such a disappointment for me when I didn't see much of this storyline. And I even feel bored somehow, because what those young people do is just a puzzle to me. I have never been in that kind of environment. I don’t know but the relationship between the main character’s family is quite weird. He slaps his mother's face, shouts at her, and pulls her hair. There is literally no backstory to explain this. The boy is so fucking rich and no fucking behaviours and as the commander of the base, her mother seems to have nothing to do with her own child. He is extremely cringed the whole time. As for me, in no circumstance, I'll deliberately leave the refrigerator's door open. Other actors sometimes do things with no reason. SO WEIRD!!!

But I know ultimately, it is just not my life. It's a big world. Different people express their feelings in a completely different way. Luca just magnifies those emotions dramatically with carefully chosen music.

I doubted whether it's necessary to make this series so long as it could be done as another movie. But I don't blame the length of it. It just happens spontaneously without any interfere. You may never reach that level in reality. The fictional drama gives you the ability to wonder the value of your life, the things you have never thought in real life. The freedom of a young adolescent that some may blame for the wildness. Who doesn’t want to spend a stupid night as Fraser does with Jonathan?

The families of Cait (or Harper) and Fraser are chaotic, really. But they are definitely not basic. There are too many compromises and issues that lying too long and unsolvable. Like Jenny says, "I forget who I am". After all those years, it's really hard to be who you are in the uncertainty those years. At last, I don't think it's hard to image why Fraser is so eccentric.

I have to say the last episode is the most peaceful and cheerful, while the kiss between Cait and Fraser is beyond expected. Without the restrain of their families, the literally can be who they are. They laugh. They kiss every several arches. They run on the road, between those Italian colourful walls. They are rude to the strangers on the road. They truly let the birds kept in their minds so long fly. The emotions are so delicate and sometimes fragile as the way they deal with the death of their friend.

To me, especially the time amid a world pandemic, the show is a delight. We are in uncertainty right now, to the U.S. but also the world. It's the back theme of the series back in 2016. Who knows things don't get any better till today. I am sure everyone must wanna try something different beyond the general moral code. But for most, I included, there are too many need to be considered. I don't know. But someday, I must give it a go.

May there be peace in our the world.