Un Rubio: Living in That Fantasy

Some people are just too popular.

Un Rubio: Living in That Fantasy
Gabriel looks at Juan.

It was my second time to watch The Blonde One (Un Rubio). Last year on 4th February, I watched it for the first time and wrote down those words - 'Some people are just too popular.'

The story happens between Gabriel, often called Gabo, and his coworker Juan. Everything that happens there is just like your daily life, with all those commutes, work, those smiles and eye contacts that they try to conceal. The director, Marco Berger, tried one step further in two men's relationship from simple seduction to a more intense sexual engagement.

Juan is pretty typical and swings between both ways. I feel somehow he is that kind of person who refuses definitions. But I reckon this is one method that he tries to avoid those conflicts, which makes a complicated relationship into a simple practice in daily life.

Gabo has, on the contrary, not many words. I have to say the actor Gaston Re, who plays Gabo, is brilliant. His face, especially the eyes, convey emotions, desire, jealous, frustration and pain. Gabo doesn't say too much, but you feel for him.

The relationship itself is just another clíche love story about a man who loves another man who is unwilling to come out and only maintain this relationship in their love nest. It's just so annoying. But in queer love, you can't always expect those sweet stories happening on those straight couples. You may sometimes really worry about losing your mates. Juan, at the start of his relationship with Gabo, stills goes out with the girl. And he tells Gabo ruthlessly - 'You have your kid. You have your life. And I have mine. I don't want to be stared at outside. That is it. We wake up with each other. We go home and have each other's company. It can't be better. ' He also tells Gabo, 'Don't make you like my girlfriend. I don't have to explain anything to you.' His words are achingly painful. The only reaction Gabo may give is continuous tears.

Gabo is a rather shy person. He doesn't have much to say. But you won't feel it's hard to get to know him. The story presents yarning Gabo's delicate inner emotion so fully. Gabo is in a chaotic situation. On the one hand, he's longing for more, while on the other, he has to fight against those aching pains from all Juan's incidents.

Go back to the word - popular. Besides Juan, Gabo has nearly no friends. The living room fills with the pensive looks of Juan's friends. Everyone seems under too much pressure, and life is not easy for any of them. Among them, Gabo is always in silence. If I were him, I would be embarrassed to be with those chatty friends.

It is Gabo. He is not living an easy life but makes no fuss. He doesn't have too much to say but has an emotional heart. He has never thought to fight back. I don't think it's weak, since you just become blind when you are in love. Luckily, in the hear-warming end, Juan doesn't let him down.

Humans are complicated. We have too much to worry about. We deal with our crush in different ways. Every relationship has a unique story, and commitment may help it go further. I don't want my future to be another fantasy. Will Gabo and Juan's story be one?